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Dongguan Kaidy Technology Co.,Ltd. has been registered and approved by the government in 2005 year to develop, produce and sell pressure plotter pen (with the other names of long-run pen\computer plotter pen), fashion software, hardware (drawing reading board and plotter) and consumable.
This Company adopts special wear-resisting long-run pen nozzle that is produced by USA Fisher Company, is made of artificial diamond and made over 100 procedures of super-high hardness and super-high position. It is provided with special patented compressed anti-leakage ink from Germany, and it can achieve the durable effect, clear line and non-ink leakage.
The technical standard is first-class in the world, and has obtained patent of utility model and several appearance patents. Any entity and anyone is not allowed to counterfeit the technical entity and sell inferior products without authorization. This pen can be used for any type of plotter and cuter in global range. Presently, its major clients include such companies as Gerber, Lectra, Avixe, Aolai and all of types fashion CAD plotter at home and abroad. We welcome vast plotter and cutter manufacturers, fashion CAD dealer and user to make negotiation and ordering with us.
Industry standard:
The products have met the industry standard, and are applicable to all of types of plotter and cutter in global range, such the famous companies and their products as Gerber, Lectra, Avixe, HP, Zünd, Assyst-Bullmer, Kuris-Wastema, Ioline, Mutoh, Roland.
The company's managing principle is Occupying the market with quality, service to win customers.
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